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Comfort, Building Dreams: Your Trusted HVAC, Plumbing, and Renovation Experts.

HVAC Service

At Medes Industry, we’re not just experts – we’re architects of indoor perfection. Our HVAC diagnostics decode your climate needs, our repairs breathe life into systems, and our meticulous maintenance ensures enduring comfort. With us, every element aligns for an atmosphere that embraces you in warmth, coolness, and tranquility.”

Starting From $60 Per hour

HVAC Installation

Experience the perfect balance of cool efficiency and meticulous craftsmanship with our AC installation services. Our skilled technicians bring years of expertise to ensure your air conditioning system is flawlessly integrated into your space. From precise measurements to seamless installations, we’re dedicated to delivering a refreshing atmosphere that transforms your environment. Trust us to bring you comfort, one installation at a time

Starting From $60


Discover the art of efficient plumbing with our comprehensive services. From expert piping solutions to precise equipment installation, we bring you a hassle-free experience that’s backed by years of expertise. Our dedicated team ensures every pipe is perfectly aligned, every installation is flawlessly executed, and every repair is skillfully handled. Trust us to keep your water systems running smoothly and your peace of mind intact

Starting From $60


Step into a world of possibilities with our renovation services. We understand that a well-crafted renovation can breathe new life into your space. With meticulous attention to detail and creative vision, we transform ordinary rooms into extraordinary realms. From concept to completion, our team of skilled professionals crafts designs that reflect your unique personality while enhancing functionality. Experience the thrill of a space reborn with our commitment to excellence in every renovation project

Starting From $45

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